Gene Details

Gene Locus Name Chromosome Arm Marker type
sp self-pruning 6 L Morph
Allele Allele Name Synonyms Source Notes Phenotype Category/Primary
-- SPON Butler 1952 J Hered 43:25. Pneuli et al 1998 Devel 125:1979 sp=TFL1 ortholog. Plant habit determinate; the position of the inflorescences varies greatly within and between plants in respect to whether they recur every internode or every second internode; plants cover a much smaller space than do normal ones, but cover it more densely.
Plant habit or size Yes
+ SPON Indeterminate growth habit.
Plant habit or size Yes
D Dominant Fierlinger 1968 TGC 18:15. [3/2015: no evidence of allelism to sp] Severe determinate growth habit; homozygous lethal, dominant expression.
Plant habit or size Yes
prov2 provisional 2 RAD Same point mutation as original sp (Pneuli 1998 Development 125: 1979), so likely not new allele. Plant habit determinate.
Plant habit or size Yes
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